Democrat policies have destroyed children’s education. I will restore parent control over children’s education. The Democrat woke left have made gender identity politics, critical race theory and hating America a priority over reading, writing and math. I will restore quality education. Suicide is at an all time high in young people. I will protect the mental health of children and young adults. Democrat policies fail to keep gun violence out of schools and respect safety in girls bathrooms. I will uphold school safety.


Democrat policies have destroyed our economy. I will fight to restore financial health to our economy with a Michigan First, America First focus. Once thriving small businesses are on their last leg or no longer existing. I will protect Michigan Businesses. Democrat spending sprees have caused runaway inflation, I will restore Michiganders’ ability to afford basic life necessities. Corrupt Government officials have mismanaged Covid-19 relief funds. I will hold them accountable.


Democrat lawmakers have illegally taken our freedom through totalitarian rule. I will fight to protect the freedoms granted to us by the U.S. Constitution. Democrat policies are anti-American and threaten to destroy the foundation of the republic upon which this nation was built. I will fight to uphold the integrity of our election system and combat voter fraud. I will defend the 2nd Amendment. I am Pro-Life. I will protect woman’s sports. Biological females must have fair opportunities to compete and earn athletic scholarships.


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